Bark Avenue Testimonials

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I was extremely impressed with how my dogs were treated and cared for at Bark Avenue day spa. I have a usually very difficult Carolina Dog (dealing with strangers) and a young soft coated wheaten terrier that I brought to Kerri. She did an amazing job grooming, as well as making them feel relaxed as if they were at home! Thank you so much…maybe next time I can stay too!!!!


Lafayette, IN

Our furkids, Gabby & Harley and Gizmo LOVE Kerri! We used to bring them to a different groomer and Gabby used to claw her way to get out, before they groomed her. Now, all the kids have to see is that we’re in Bark Avenue’s parking lot- and they can’t wait to get out of the car and into the salon! Kerri and her staff treat our furkids as if they were their own! If you have a furkid- RUN, don’t walk them to Bark Avenue Day Spa. You’ll be happy you did- and your furkids will love you even more for it!

-Iris and Heather

Lafayette, Indiana

I recently took my lab mix, Wrigley, in to be groomed at Kerri’s shop. It was her first grooming, and she looked fantastic afterward. I was extremely pleased to know Wrigley wouldn’t be left in a kennel. I had to work most of that day, so it was comforting to know she would be free to roam and play. When I picked her up, she was very happy.

I would also recommend the PlaqClnz, for anyone who has a dog with undesirable breath. It has helped a lot, for Wrigley. I was previously brushing her teeth with “toothpaste”, from the vet and it made little or no difference. (And until/if it becomes a bigger problem later-the PlaqClnz is an inexpensive alternative to having a dental cleaning, at the vet.)

Thanks for everything, Kerri. We will be back soon. 🙂


Lafayette, IN

I recently took my 4 year old shih tzu Chloe JLo to the day spa for a blueberry facial and to be groomed. When I go other places I can’t get her in the door and she is shaking so bad and filled with fear and when I pick her up she is crying and can’t wait to leave. Carrie has a beautiful day spa and my Chloe walked right in and was not scared or shaking at all. The aromatherapy oils must of relaxed her and she seemed excited to be there. When I came back I like the fact she isn’t in a cage because she hates to be caged. She was running around and happy. She had the cutest bow in her hair and a bandana on. When I took her out to potty before we left she ran back up to the door and sat their barking softly like she was ready to go back in. It was the funniest thing ever. She loves to ride in the car. It took 10 min to get her in the car because she wanted to go back in! She has never acted like this before. So all I can say is Chloe JLo enjoyed her day at the spa and this will be our new groomer!


West Lafayette, IN

We absolutely love Kerri and she is so great with our dog Marley. He is always so perfect when we pick him up and smells wonderful. He goes every 4 weeks and it is money well spent and we couldn’t think of a better person to take care of our dog then Kerri. We highly recommend Bark Avenue!!

-Ken and Joanna

Lafayette, Indiana

Kerri is absolutely wonderful! Buddy always looks GREAT when I pick him up! She is so patient with him and always pays attention to his needs. Thank you Kerri! We love Bark Avenue!!!


West Lafayette, IN

We took our shitz/yorkie to bark avenue for the first time 2 weeks ago.i was a little nervous because the last groomer we went to did not do a good job and cut to the skin on a few places including her face where it was red and raw.was i pleased when i picked up our celti-bell !!!! her fur was so beautifuly groomed and she looked amazing !!!! she does alot more for your pet for the same price as the other place. but much more than that she gave our puppy the attention and care we were looking for. thank you so much bark avenue !!!! you can count on us to be a regular at your beautiful clean facilities.

-Val and Mike Kennedy

West Lafayette, IN

Its amazing. I paid just a little more at a different groomers. I walked into Bark Ave. this morning, requested information and scheduled an appt. because my shih tzu was in desperate need of some grooming TLC. Kerri called me later in the day because she had an opening and had remembered. I took in my little guy and two hours later she called me and HE LOOKED GREAT!! he mustve been treated very well because was excited to see me and even gave kisses goodbye (at our past place he was ready to get out of there and mad at me for a while afterwards). i dont know what Kerri did to him, but he loved it and i love that. we’ll sure be back!!


Lafayette, IN

Taking Enzo to Kerri is the highlight of his month! He pulls to get thru the door. He loves it there and always looks FANTASTIC when he leaves. Kerry is wonderful to work with and she has a great attention to detail. We recently moved to Indianapolis – and I insist on taking Enzo to Bark Ave instead of finding a place down here – Enzo is just too happy with her! Thanks Kerri!!

-Jill and Enzo

Fishers, IN

It is always a great pleasure to leave our Sooper Cooper in the hands of Kerri. We always feel Cooper gets treated very well. Sometimes, we are jealous of the little guy!

-Rodman Family

Lafayette, IN

My Koda gets anxiety whenever a crate is near. I was so excited when I was told about Keri and her spa. When I took Koda for the appointment I had just rescued another dog and she got them both in for grooming! When I called to check on them they were taking a nap on the floor with the other dogs. When I picked them up they were so happy and neither was nervous or anxious. Keri will be there groomer from now on.


Lafayette, IN

We recently took our papillon, Myles and our retriever mix, Jack to Kerri for a day at the spa. Her shop is just so beautiful and relaxing I wanted to stay for the day! When I picked them up, they looked fantastic, smelled great, and most importantly- neither were anxious or acted traumatized as they sometimes do when picking them up from other places. Both were quite happy to see me, but they both seemed relaxed and proud of their new hair cuts. I will definately use Kerri for all my grooming needs! I can’t wait to take our corgi, Joey and have the Furminator treatment..he sure needs it!

-Bill and Sarah

Lafayette, IN