Dog Grooming Services

Bark Avenue Dog GroomingOur Spa Menu begins with our basic package, customized to the specific needs of your pet. After an initial free consultation, we will help you determine which treatments and cut best suits your pet, and establish the base fee for your package of services. You are never in for a financial surprise when you pick up your pet; you will always conference with one of our specialist to insure excellence, quality, and affordability.

Our certified Stylists and Skin & Coat Specialists understand the science behind each treatment we offer. As you look through our menu, imagine how a specific treatment may feel for your pet. Please give us any details about your pet that is of concern and we will recommend treatments that are especially helpful. Our goal is to pamper you and your dog, and make a difference in the care of your best friend.

The Spa Menu

The basic grooming experience includes the following:

  • Check for fleas and/or ticks and ears cleaned and/or plucked
  • Sanitary clip
  • Teeth brushing
  • Pawdicure which includes nail trim and/or filling, shaving hair between pads, and paw cream
  • Hand massaging bath with all-natural, premium botanical shampoo/conditioner chosen for your pets specific skin and coat type -soaking if needed
  • Anal gland expression if needed
  • Hand dried with high velocity or fluff dryer
  • Cut and Style
  • Designer Perfume/Cologne and bandana and/or bow

Pet Services

  • Dead mineral mud treatment
  • Deshedding, to reduce shedding
  • Blueberry facial with mini face massage
  • Soft Claws for those pesky sharp nails that scratch your floor or their sore spots
  • Organic flea treatments
  • Hot Oil treatments
  • Puppy’s first grooming