Cat Grooming

Do cats really need grooming? Don’t cats groom themselves?

Many cats do indeed do a great job of grooming themselves, but if your cat’s hair is beginning to tangle, if your cat is shedding excessively, or if someone in your family is very allergic to cat hair, you may benefit from having your cat professionally groomed.

How do you groom a cat, aren’t they very difficult?

Many cats are very resistant to the grooming process. The grooming salon atmosphere and restraint can be very stressful. (For this reason we strongly recommend that you do not schedule your grooming on Saturday, when the shop is busiest and noisiest.) We have several tools and techniques which help us to safely groom your cat, but we do not use sedatives or tranquilizers and may find that the grooming shop atmosphere is too stressful for some cats. If we cannot handle your cat safely (for us AND your cat), we may recommend that you have the grooming done at a veterinarian’s office, where your pet can be sedated.

If my cat is difficult (or elderly) can I just stay and help you groom my cat?

Yes, actually with some cats having the owner stay and help is the only way we can handle the cat.

My cat’s hair is tangled in clumps (matted); does it have to be shaved?

Once your cat’s hair becomes matted the safest and most humane way to deal with the problem is to shave under the matted hair. Usually this is the ONLY way the tangles can be removed. Trying to brush or comb out matted or tangled hair often causes the clump to simply pull completely off the skin, leaving a bare, irritated, patch of skin. Trying to “cut the mat out” with scissors is very dangerous. Please don’t try to do that yourself. Too often after a cat’s owner has tried to cut out the mats we find a cut wound under the mats, where the owner has actually cut the cat’s skin under the mat, without ever even knowing they have cut their cat.

How much does cat grooming cost?

The price depends on whether your cat has long hair, or short hair, and also if the hair is matted and tangled. The price includes a full grooming with nail trim, ears cleaned, bath and fluff dry.

Please contact us to discuss what your cat’s cost will be. Call for an appointment:765.431.0968 Cats often need two groomers for handling during the grooming process, so reservations are required.